April 30th, 2016

posing flying squirrel, full body anthropomorph, goggles

Leprecon, Inc. Resignations

Leprecon, Inc. thanks resigning corporate webmaster Lyle Dillie for his year and a half of service.  He was instrumental in the transition of the corporate landing page to leprecon.org/corp and the current convention to leprecon.org/ and was on the teams who developed leprecon.org/lep41 and leprecon.org/lep42.

Leprecon, Inc. also thanks resigning corporate director and corporate web auditor Donald Jacques for his five plus years of service in various roles and capacities. He is a past webmaster, database administrator, quartermaster, co-vice president, co-president, president, and vice-chairman of the board. He was co-COO (chief opperating officer) of LepreCon 39 and COO of LepreCon 2014.
Join us in wishing both gentlemen well in each of their new endeavors!