sharetheroad (sharetheroad) wrote in leprecon_inc,

Leprecon, Inc. Resignations

Leprecon, Inc. thanks resigning corporate webmaster Lyle Dillie for his year and a half of service.  He was instrumental in the transition of the corporate landing page to and the current convention to and was on the teams who developed and

Leprecon, Inc. also thanks resigning corporate director and corporate web auditor Donald Jacques for his five plus years of service in various roles and capacities. He is a past webmaster, database administrator, quartermaster, co-vice president, co-president, president, and vice-chairman of the board. He was co-COO (chief opperating officer) of LepreCon 39 and COO of LepreCon 2014.
Join us in wishing both gentlemen well in each of their new endeavors!
Tags: board member resignation, officer resignation, web auditor, webmaster
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