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Star Trek 50th Anniversary Pool Potluck Party!

Leprecon, Inc. will be hosting a major social every quarter (no purchase necessary).  For the 4th quarter we are hosting a one day party to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Star Trek.

Sunday 19th June 2016
Star Trek 50th Anniversary Pool Potluck Party!
2327 East Fairmount Street, Phoenix, AZ, USA 85016
No purchase required (BYOF & BYOB); all ages are encouraged to just show up, swim, and celebrate everything Star Trek. Folks are welcome to bring food and/or beverages to share. If anyone has questions or needs directions from Director Michael Fett his cell is 602-826-2589.

We'll be screening episodes by famed Star Trek author D. C. Fontana all day!

1pm: Star Trek: The Original Series "Journey to Babel
2pm: Star Trek: The Animated Series "Yesteryear"
2:30pm: Land of the Lost "Elsewhen"
3pm: The Six Million Dollar Man "Rescue of Athena"
4pm: Star Trek: The Next Generation "Encounter at Farpoint"
6pm: Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II "Serve All My Days"

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