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LepreCon 42 Annual Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention Art Gallery Spotlight: Elizabeth Leggett

LepreCon 42 Annual Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention Art Gallery Spotlight: Elizabeth Leggett
Elizabeth Leggett is a Hugo award-winning illustrator whose work focuses on soulful, human moments-in-time that combine ambiguous interpretation and curiosity with realism and Golden Age illustration.
Her clients represent a broad range of outlets, from multiple Hugo award winning Lightspeed Magazine to multiple Lambda Literary winner, Lethe Press. She was honored to be chosen to art direct both Women Destroy Fantasy and Queers Destroy Science Fiction, both under the Lightspeed banner.
She has been working for Lightspeed Magazine since 2014.
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LepreCon 42 Annual Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention Merchant Spotlight: Jean's Beads

LepreCon 42 Annual Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention Merchant Spotlight: Jean's Beads


Jean’s Beads will have hand made lampworked glass art work by Jeannie Cox. Jeannie makes small sculptures including her signature Dragon Eyes, little figures, cosmic and floral marbles, vessels, and beads of all kinds.

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LepreCon 42 Annual Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention Art Gallery Spotlight: Lubov

Perhaps oddly, it is the art of the fantastic - fantasy, phantasmagoric - that draws Lubov's imagination and her skills as an artist. Her work has its own voice. It stands outside the cacophony of commercial art, the core purpose of which always will be to sell you something you don't necessarily need. Lubov studied art at the Chicago Art Institute, one of the most prestigious schools in the country, but she maintains that her true knowledge of art - her sense and sensibility - comes via her own studies. Lubov's work is singular in both imagination and execution. There is technical mastery in her work; mastery in the sense of the old masters. Lubov's art is a return to the pre-Raphaelites' storied imagination, a thesis of art that resonates for Lubov. (Lubov's artistic inspirations include Adolphe-William Bouguerau, John W. Waterhouse, Maxfield Parrish, Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, Victor Mikailovich Vasnetsov, Arkhip Kuinji, Alphonse Mucha, and Rembrandt.) Lubov paints with oils, the most difficult painting medium of all. The technique itself is six hundred years old and nothing since devised can match the sheer power of this very human mode of expression when handled by such an expert.
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LepreCon 42 Annual Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention Sponsor Spotlight: Legendary Games

Our thanks go to Legendary Games for providing prize support this year. Legendary Games is an all-star team of authors and designers, coordinated by award-winning game designer Jason Nelson. They publish support materials for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, and more, with a wide variety of products including adventures; rules expansions for core game mechanics like spells, feats, and magic items; themed monster books; character class options for heroes and villains; and an array of innovative rules subsystems and campaign supplements for every kind of campaign. Whether you’re running your own home game, a one-shot for a convention, or a published Adventure Path, you’ll find that Legendary Games products are designed to fit seamlessly with a variety of adventure themes, and in many cases to fit directly with official published products by the same designers who helped create those products.
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LepreCon 42 Annual Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention Merchant Spotlight: Grendelmen Publishing


Grendelmen Publishing helps authors with many services: Professional Editing, Web Design and Hosting, Merchandising, and navigating the publishing industry.

All books on sale at LepreCon come from featured author Simon Driscoll, and the merchandising to go with those books comes from Creator Christie. She is continually coming up with new merchandising ideas.

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Leprecon, Inc. Resignations

Leprecon, Inc. thanks resigning corporate webmaster Lyle Dillie for his year and a half of service.  He was instrumental in the transition of the corporate landing page to leprecon.org/corp and the current convention to leprecon.org/ and was on the teams who developed leprecon.org/lep41 and leprecon.org/lep42.

Leprecon, Inc. also thanks resigning corporate director and corporate web auditor Donald Jacques for his five plus years of service in various roles and capacities. He is a past webmaster, database administrator, quartermaster, co-vice president, co-president, president, and vice-chairman of the board. He was co-COO (chief opperating officer) of LepreCon 39 and COO of LepreCon 2014.
Join us in wishing both gentlemen well in each of their new endeavors!
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#lep42 Announces Local Artist Guest Dain Q. Gore

LepreCon 42 Annual Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention is proud to announce local artist Dain Q. Gore as our latest Guest of Honor!


Dain Q. Gore is a current Faculty Adjunct at ASU and Phoenix College, completing his MFA in 2009. Having studied End-Times myths of his culture, he presents Bible stories mixed with Apocryphal and other controversial philosophies, such as the Tarot, in a humorous way.

His cast of absurd characters shifts between the religious and secular worlds to suit his own vision of the supernatural realm. His recent area of interest has included puppetry, emulating the humor and questioning of his paintings in a manic sculptural and often bawdy performance-based setting. His art has exhibited in downtown Phoenix since 2002 and as far away from Phoenix as Himeiji and Beijing.

He has performed puppetry part-time for the Great Arizona Puppet Theater since 2007, at both Adult Puppet Slams and the kid-friendly Imagine This!, having also constructed puppets that performed in his solo shows at Eye Lounge in 2010-2011 and Trunk Space in 2012, as well Phoenix Comicon in 2012-2015 and the Phoenix Art Museum. He is also a current contributor to the new Meow Wolf project, The House of Eternal Return, in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

His most current investigations include merging paintings with his interest in puppetry, which refer to a childhood fascination with Bible stories told through puppets and their illusion of a subjectively formed, artificial reality.  This began with a solo show in 2014 at Hot Box gallery, The ECSTATIC TRUTH.

The puppets and wall pieces are not just flat: they are built up in puzzle-like pieces that include kinetic and dimensional features. The choice of material is reflective of the beliefs that still haunt him: impermanent, fragile, ever-changing, and not altogether full in form.

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#ConAlope Reaffirms Guest of Honor Lineup!

Look at the great line up of guests we have so far at Westercon 70. We're working to bring you more awesome guests soon!
Our Artist GoH is Julie Dillon, Local Artist GoH Tom Deadstuff, and Special Artist GoH is Larry Elmore.
Our Local Author GoH is Gini Koch and our Filk GoH is Tim Griffin. Our Toastmaster is Weston Ochse.

#Westercon70‬ ‪#‎ConAlope‬ ‪#‎LepreCon43‬

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#lep42 Announces Star Trek 50th Anniversary Guest of Honor D. C. Fontana

LepreCon 42 Annual Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention is pleased to announce writer, editor, and game designer D. C. Fontana as our latest Guest of Honor.


D. C. Fontana has numerous credits as a writer on such diverse television series as STAR TREK, BONANZA, THE BIG VALLEY, HIGH CHAPARRAL, LONESOME DOVE, BABYLON 5, STAR TREK ANIMATED, STAR TREK – THE NEXT GENERATION, STAR TREK DS 9, THE WALTONS, THE STREETS OF SAN FRANCISCO, and DALLAS.  She has served as story editor on the original STAR TREK series, FANTASTIC JOURNEY and LOGAN’S RUN, as Associate Producer on STAR TREK ANIMATED and STAR TREK-THE NEXT GENERATION, and as Producer on a series of science fiction comedy sketches for Galaxy Online.  She has written children’s shows, science fiction, Westerns, action adventure, mysteries, animation, and interactive games.  She is a member of Mystery Writers of America, Romance Writers of America, the Writers Guild of America, west, and Writers Guild of Canada.

Dorothy was nominated for a Writers Guild Award in 1969 for her THEN CAME BRONSON script, “Two Percent of Nothing;” and she won a Filmcon (Science Fiction Movie Convention) Award for her STAR TREK ANIMATED script, “Yesteryear.”  Both her SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN scripts, “The Rescue of Athena One” and “Straight On ‘Til Morning,” were nominated for Filmcon Awards. In 1987 she wrote the two-hour premiere episode of STAR TREK-THE NEXT GENERATION, “Encounter at Farpoint,” which was nominated for science fiction’s Hugo Award in 1988.

In 1997 and again in 2002 Dorothy was honored with a Writers Guild Morgan Cox Award for service to the Guild.  She was twice elected as a member of the Board of Directors of the Guild and has served on many committees.  In August 2001 Dorothy was inducted into the American Screenwriters Association Hall of Fame.  In December 2006 she was inducted into the “SHE MADE IT” program of the Museum of Television & Radio (now The Paley Center for Media), a program honoring outstanding women in radio and television.  She has taught television and film writing at the American Film Institute since 1998.

Dorothy has published three novels, THE BRAZOS RIVER (with Harry Sanford), THE QUESTOR TAPES, and VULCAN’S GLORY, an original series novel.  A short story titled “Cut To: Murder” is included in the mystery anthology MURDER IN LOS ANGELES, published by William Morrow.

She has been married to Oscar-winning visual effects cinematographer Dennis Skotak since 1981.

D. C. Fontana is appearing courtesy of a co-sponsorship with the United Federation of Phoenix.

The United Federation of Phoenix is the southwest’s (and one of America’s) oldest Star Trek and science fiction fan organization, continuously operating since 1975. The club meets every two weeks at various locations around the Phoenix metropolitan area. As a group the UFP have picnics, go to museums, watch science fiction, see movies, play games, as well as other things. The UFP also have a monthly newsletter, Subspace Chatter, which highlights science fiction and sci-fi media happenings, as well as other events that pertain to fandom.

The United Federation of Phoenix will be celebrating STAR TREK’s 50th Anniversary with fandom at LepreCon this year.

For more information on the United Federation of Phoenix visit their website at http://www.u-f-p.org/

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LepreCon 42 Annual Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention Merchant Spotlight:Moebius Enterprises LLC


Handcrafted original & museum replica Jewelry (bronze/white bronze/sterling/other), Sci-Fi collectibles, Steampunk & Pagan related, Fan-art, novelty backpacks, soaps & balms, Unique original fan art “Fantasy ID” badges – created on site – related to fan-favorite science fiction series/movies, period clothing & ritual wear.