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Westercon 70 / Conalope 2017 / LepreCon 43 Promotional Tour Stop: Wild Wild West Steampunk Con

The chair & vice chair of Westercon 70 are at Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention this weekend. They'll have flyers for both #conalope & #lep42.

They have also donated one membership for Westecon 70 to the Kids Need to Read raffle held this weekend at the con. So come join Dee & Hal, say hello, and buy some raffle tickets to win a membership!
posing flying squirrel, full body anthropomorph, goggles

#lep42 Announces Writer Guest of Honor Shanna Germain

LepreCon 42 Annual Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention is pleased to announce writer, editor, and game designer Shanna Germain as our latest Guest of Honor.


Shanna Germain is many things. First and foremost, she is a leximaven of the highest order, exploring her love of the written word through a multitude of formats and styles. Shanna (pronounced like ‘Shaun’ with a sigh of pleasure at the end) also claims the titles of (in no particular order): girl, gamer geek, wanderluster, flower picker, tire kicker, knife licker, she-devil, vorpal blonde, and Schrödinger’s brat.

With a whole lot of writing years under her belt (or her collar, depending on the day), Shanna’s poems, essays, short stories, novellas, articles and more have found homes in hundreds of magazines, newspapers, books and websites.

An Associate Fellow at The Attic Institute in Portland, OR, she has taught classes in writing, publishing, media and photography at a wide variety of places. She’s even garnered an award here and there, including a The Pushcart Prize nomination, the Rauxa Prize for Erotic Poetry, and the C. Hamilton Bailey Poetry Fellowship. She keeps her ego in a tiny glass jar and feeds it drops of sea water and baby crickets so that it will never outgrow its cage.

Raised in upstate New York, Shanna spent her quarter-life crisis years in Portland, OR. Her writing travels have taken her to places like Amsterdam, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Germany, Italy and Nicaragua. After a year-long jaunt on a wild island off the coast of Scotland, she has returned to the rain-washed streets of Portland, which she considers her forever home.

Currently the lead editor of Numenera (a setting one billion years in our future) and its follow-up products, Shanna’s other recent works include No Thank You, Evil (Monte Cook Games, LLC), Geek Love (Stone Box Press), and The Lure of Dangerous Women (Wayzgoose Press).

posing flying squirrel, full body anthropomorph, goggles

@LepreconInc Public Third Quarter Board Meeting

This lj post serves as official notice that the next Leprecon, Inc Quarterly Board Meeting will be held Sunday 21 February 2016, at 4pm MST at Spoke & Wheel Restaurant, 8525 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ, 85020 602-870-8843. We will meet in one of their banquet rooms to the right as you enter the front door.

If you cannot make this meeting in person, then you may send a written proxy specifying to whom you give it (who must physically attend), the date of the meeting and your signature. Mail it to: Leprecon Inc, P.O. Box 26665, Tempe, AZ 85285. It must arrive by Saturday 20 February 2016.

You may also send an email proxy by including the name of the recipient, date of the meeting and your name, but no signature required, and send copies to the Chairman, Mike Willmoth (mwillmoth@earthlink.net), AND to the Secretary, Kevin McAlonan (kmcalonan@googlemail.com). It must arrive by Saturday 20 February 2016, at 11:59pm MST. Telephone proxies have also been allowed and you must call at least one of the two board members above immediately prior to the start of the meeting so that both can verify your call. Once the meeting starts no more telephone proxies are allowed. If you do not receive a confirmation email back for an email proxy within 12 hours, then it is likely we did not receive it and you should resend if possible.

Here is the link to the preliminary agenda:

Here is the link to the preliminary minutes from the last board meeting which will be discussed at this meeting for modification and approval:

Here is the link to the final version of the minutes from August 2015:

Here is the link to the newly approved bylaws corrected:

Here is the link to the LepreCon 41 report:

Here is the link to the Database Administrator report:

Here is the link to the Social Media Director report:

Here are the links to the SMD's Facebook statistics (corporate / Westercon 70 / ConFlagration):

If you have any questions, please contact either board member above by email. We look forward to seeing you at the meeting!

Leprecon, Inc

posing flying squirrel, full body anthropomorph, goggles

#‎lep42‬ Fan Organization Spotlight: HMS Claymore


HMS Claymore is the Arizona chapter of The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association. Not only do they celebrate the author, David Weber, and everything in the Honorverse, but they get together for meals, games, conventions, cosplay, and (not surprisingly) books. Come to their fan table and learn more about this wonderful universe of military sci-fi!

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#lep42 Confirms Fan Guest of Honor Gary Swaty

#‎lep42‬ is pleased to have fan Gary Swaty as our Guest of Honor, as announced during the closing ceremonies of ‪#‎lep41‬.

Gary Swaty has been attending Science Fiction Conventions since the early 1970s. He has worked conventions ranging from Iguanacon II, the 1978 Phoenix Worldcon to MythosCon to CopperCon to DarkCon to FiestaCon and many more. He has worked conventions at the Information Desk, Registration, and Set-Up/Tear-Down among many other departments and divisions. He is perhaps most well known as the Filk Liaison to Phoenix metropolitan area conventions for the Phoenix Filk Circle from the mid-1990s through mid-2010s.

Gary has been of great help to leprecon_inc as a past corporate secretary as well as working many LepreCons, FiestaCon, and ConAlope.